April 3, 2016

Thinking about writing a book

Recently, I discussed writing a book. My therapist gave me the idea. What better subject then my personal therapeutic journey! I wouldn't use my real name. I need a pen name that doesn't reveal my identity. This blog has been operational since 2008. Lots of material some of which I think would be helpful to those just starting their journey. I'm considering it

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Joel Alsruhe said...

If you feel it moving inside you to write a book, by all means go for it! As bipolar people, we have a heightened sense of creativity. Personally, I've always thought that it was extremely helpful for me to write short stories. I've thought about writing a non-fiction book about my experience with bipolar disorder, but I don't really have it in me to write that much. But no matter how many or few words you have to say, I'm sure you'll make an impact on someone. There are books out there, memoirs and such, about living with bipolar disorder, but remember that no one's story is just like yours! Someone out there might need to hear (read?) what you have to say, because no one else can say it just like you.