December 30, 2013

worst trip ever

I'm trying to have a good time away. However, so far a nice bracelet my husband bought me is lost at the airport, my expensive eye glasses are lost as of today. Praying to saint Anthony is not going well. I finally have crawled out of bed taken a trip with my husband and son. If I would've stayed home none of this would've happened. Its a holiday I'm out of town and have no glasses to see. I want to go home

December 22, 2013

More panic attacks

No known source unfortunately....never is that I can point to. Just need a bit higher on lorazepam like 1mg 3x per day instead of two. Good luck trying to get that these days. I try other methods of reducing anxiety but to no avail. Any advice on other medications from anyone I'd be happy to hear about it

December 19, 2013

a day at the spa

And my pain conditions persist. I have my typical fever and flu like syndrome. How in the world can I make this work. My husband bought me this for my birthday can't cancel. Just hoping my body cooperates.