September 20, 2013

what future do I have as sick as I am

both medically and mentally, the most impacting are bipolar and my pain conditions. etc. I'm in hell

September 16, 2013

I want answers!!!!

is there a drug like seroquel, without side effects like weight gain?????? Latuda doesn't work tried Geodon had too many stomach problems, saphris doesn't work either

September 2, 2013

good news for a change

I had a best friend since the fourth grade all the way past high school. she moved to Iowa many years ago. she found me on facebook. I accepted. we both did things to each other but who cares. my life goal is no more resentments. we are going to our 25th school reunion together getting adjoining rooms. I'm just so happy to be back in touch with her I'm so elated. no it's not my bipolar two high, I did wonder about it. I haven't been this happy in years, I'm over the moon