January 19, 2013

major anxiety

I see my pdoc Monday and I'm nervous he won't prescribe this drug tranxene plus low dose of seroquil. I read up on tranxene and it seems to last longer than klonopin. I had a sleep study done at the request of my neurologist. results? off the charts insomnia. but he didn't want to prescribe anything. so my unreliable pdoc is my last option for both anxiety and insomnia relief. why am I nervous because this idiot thinks he knows what is best. I'm bringing the sleep study this time. I'm frustrated with doctors won't give me what I need including my muscle relaxer. my rhumatologist can only prescribe flexeril that doesn't work on me or robaxin which I had the 500mg dose.... didn't work either. I'm out of steam fighting for what I need no one disputes that I have many competing conditions the doctors pick and choose which ones they want to treat its called defensive medicine. I call it malpractice but I'm powerless to do anything about it. how would they enjoy untreated anxiety and insomnia. I even went off several medications hoping it would change their minds. we'll see on Monday or Tuesday

January 17, 2013

feeling good after a rough spot

talk about withdrawal syndrome! I went off all of my medications 14 in all. Then after violently being sick, I reintroduced prozac, lamictal xr, saphris, klonopin, coumadin, and my thyroiditis medication. I don't recommend my method it can be dangerous but I have to say wow, what a difference. my mind is clear. I also quit smoking which include the patch. weight loss is my next never ending challenge.