July 7, 2012

I'm done....

I'm not reaching out to my dad or brother anymore. they can have each other without me. I'm writing letters to them and others to be sent upon my death. I will have the last and final word. I already made two videos one more to come. before I die, those will be public on you tube. I've had enough pain and suffering to last my lifetime and soon the whole world will here from me. how invalidated I've been. how much of a burden I've been not worthy to many denied happiness at two jobs because of an evil woman. they both still have their jobs if course. I could go on but there will be names listed, my abusers....

something I do all the time

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July 6, 2012

still detached

I'm losing almost everything again. my job, friends, my mom, my brother, and probably my dad if he is my dad. I'm a burden to everyone so thats probably why. I have to start this iop on Monday and I'm still sick with a low fever and painful body aches in the morning. its five days a week and 9-12. my therapist said I could cut back from our three times per week. I'll think it over and see. its time to pull away from the ones I love. they don't want me anyway. I add nothing to their lives at all. I'm lost... forever

July 3, 2012


I'm feeling detached from others. the need to pull away, its protection for me something that keeps me emotionally safe. things change in life, people die, friends leave, nothing I do ever fills those voids so being detached its all there is other wise, I'll really spin out of control not this time, no more