September 20, 2010

what is left to say?

Quite frankly...nothing. Its late at night, medicine is wearing off and I hate them both right now. Maybe tomorrow I will feel differently who knows.

I hate even more some at work...what to do about them? Something that will change the course a bit. Some think I'm manipulative...a bad seed...perhaps a little bit antisocial...well then that is who I'll be. Watch me, I can do this MY WAY.

Everyone will take notice then eh? It'll be too late for that though.

September 14, 2010

my rant

There are not enough pills in the world to deaden this pain
I need something stronger and more final
I hate my life
I hate my job
I hate people
I don't want to wake up tomorrow
I don't want to feel anything anymore
This is the worst year of my life

I have spent the majority of my life
feeling nothing but pain

It is almost not enough that I have a son
He's better off without me